How to Help Your Kids Love to Learn in School: Easy as ABC

How to Help Your Kid Love School - Easy as ABC

School days were some of the best days of your life, right?

…Or, were they?

Regardless if your school days left you wanting more – or if you’re glad those days are long behind you –  I’m sure you want your child to have a great educational experience.

It’s time to take you to school and show you how helping your child have an exceptional experience at school can be as easy as A – B – C.

A is for attitude – yours and your child’s.

B is for building friendships and confidence.

C is for communication – with pupil, teacher and school.

ATTITUDE Is Key To a Good Start

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Going to school with a positive attitude is one of the keys to success.  Parents who had unhappy school days need to be careful not to transfer their attitude about school to their children.  

A positive attitude in school comes from being supportive of the teacher and the school.  Encourage your child to be helpful, kind and polite. Also, make sure you always speak words of encouragement before your kids go to school.

Something I say to my boys every morning before school, and make them repeat, is “I am confident, I am smart, I am love, and I am limitless!

Providing words of encouragement for kids before they go to school can impact their entire day.

BUILDING Friendships and Confidence Leads to Happier Days

School can be intimidating if you don’t have friends.  If your kid is shy in school, a great way to break out of that shell and encourage friendships is by allowing your child to have an occasional playdate with kids from class. 

That change in environment from school, to your house, can help build friendships and confidence.

Remember to stay tuned in to what’s going on at school.  If you’re noticing that your child doesn’t like school due to insecurity or loneliness, a conversation with the teacher may be helpful to see if there’s something going on.

Also, building self esteem in children is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. A confident child isn’t easily rattled when another kids calls him a “poo-poo head,” or any other silly name that kids come up with.

Confident kids know that what other kids say or think about them doesn’t define them. One of the ways to build confidence is to find reasons to praise your child as often as you can when they do something well.

For instance, if one of my little guys gets a math problem correct, my automatic reaction is to say, “RJ you are sooooo smart! You’re the smartest six year old I know!”

Laying the groundwork now by helping your kids build confidence and friendships will have eternal returns for them.

COMMUNICATION with Your Child and Their Teacher

Communication is one of the most important contributors to personal happiness.  If your child feels school is a safe, secure place, then feelings of happiness at school will come more naturally.  

Try and start the day with a positive routine, especially for younger children.  Like I previously mentioned, having your child repeat positive, short affirmations can go a long way.  

When school is over, make sure you’re picking up your kiddos on time if they don’t ride the bus. It’s best to avoid kids having negative feeling about school and getting anxious because they’re always waiting for mom or dad to come.

Good communication between teachers and parents is also key. Team up with the teacher to communicate changes in your home routine or family dynamics if necessary. If you’re noticing changes in behavior with your child, make sure you keep the teacher in the loop so she can also be observant and provide any helpful insight.

Finally, remain optimistic and be flexible to change –  because change is sure to happen. Snoopy, the ever- optimistic little beagle, once said, “Keep looking up, that’s the secret of life!”

So follow Snoopy’s advise and the tips shared here so that you can nurture a child that loves to learn in school. 

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